Expedition Equipment List

Foot Wear Kailas / Lasportiva / Millet (Summit Shoe) Normal Socks (5-6 Pairs) Summit Socks (2 Pairs) Trekking Shoes (1 Pair) Camp Booties (1 Pair) Basecamp Slipper (1 Pair) Upper Body Light Weight Top / Thermo Coat (2-3 Layers) Mid Weight Top (2-3 Layers) Heavy Weight Top (2 Layers) Fleece Jacket (1) Gore Text Jacket […]

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Trekking Equipment List

General All season sleeping bag and down Jacket (we can provide if you need it,  but has to be returned after the trek) Duffle bag ( Sherpa Expedition & Trekking provide duffle bag during the trek but has to be returned after the trek) A wind and waterproof thin layered jacket (a must-have for morning […]

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Everest Base Camp in Nepal versus K2 Base Camp in Pakistan

Comparing Everest and K2 Treks We find that many people get in contact with us with the goal of trekking to both Everest Base Camp and K2 Base Camp. Mount Everest in Nepal is the highest mountain in the world at 8,848m and K2 in Pakistan is the second highest at 8,611m. On the surface […]

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