Expedition Equipment List

Foot Wear Kailas / Lasportiva / Millet (Summit Shoe) Normal Socks (5-6 Pairs) Summit Socks (2 Pairs) Trekking Shoes (1 Pair) Camp Booties (1 Pair) Basecamp Slipper (1 Pair) Upper Body Light Weight Top / Thermo Coat (2-3 Layers) Mid Weight Top (2-3 Layers) Heavy Weight Top (2 Layers) Fleece Jacket (1) Gore Text Jacket […]

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Hiking Over 50 : 12 Things to Know Before Your First Trek

Enough can’t be said about the benefits of walking. It increases your heart and lung fitness, decreases the risk of heart attack and stroke, makes your bones stronger, and gives you better balance. The list goes on and on.  Now, add a little scenery to that walk — mountain streams, breathtaking vistas, sparkling waterfalls — […]

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