Our Story

Hillary Everest Trek is the leading agency in Indonesia and Nepal that has operated with 15 years of experience taking adventurers to the top of the world. We believe strongly in the legacy of our name’s sake Sir Edmund Hillary who was the first to conquer Mount Everest on May 29th 1953. Our instructors are fully qualified native speakers who have helped to build relationships with local people to deliver the most authentic taste of Asian mountaineering. Explore trekking in Nepal, Tibet and the exotic islands of Indonesia to understand what freedom and spirituality come from the mountain environment. Our itineraries are adaptable to suit every need from rugged outdoorsmanship, to leisurely comforts.

When the whole world is a challenge, conquer it by climbing to the top of the world. Experience the fantasy, imagination and peace of joining the greats like Sir Edmund Hillary himself.

Our Vision

  • To provide a once in a lifetime experience for our clients
  • To provide quality service at the lowest cost
  • To provide a low energy, ecological service that teaches respect for nature, cultures and the world around us

Our mission

We seek to work with partners to create an ecological adventure for our clients and provide them with a once in a lifetime experience. Through our client’s happiness we can bring understanding to the world and to others around us. We wish to preserve the culture and integrity of the lands in which we travel and spread knowledge and hope for everyone by spreading our love for hiking.

Our Team

Ramesh Gurung

Trekking Consultant & Guide Leader

Jodi Herrick

Trekking Consultant (New Zealand)

Laxmi Gurung

Trekking Consultant (Saudi Arabia)


Climber & Everest Summiter Guide

Rinje Sherpa

Climber & Trekking Guide Leader

Mingma Chhetri sherpa

Climber & Trekking Guide

Sarki Sherpa

Climber & Trekking Guide

Gelden Sherpa

Climber & Trekking Guide

Ram Kumar Adhikari

Trekking Guide

Niroj Amgai

Trekking Guide

Sahadev Bhujel

Trekking Guide

Kim Thapa

Female Trekking Guide


Trekking Consultant (Indonesia)

Ganga Pun Magar

Female Trekking Guide

Sonam Ghale

Trekking Guide

Lorena Gimenez

Trekking Consultant (France)

Damber Gurung

Climbing & France Speaking Guide

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